Story of how work on Geometrify began :: Receiving Downloads in Dreams

Similar what I saw hovering over me

Hello, this is Sakari, aka inDigiNeous, CTO of Geometrify. I want to share some of my story and the motivation that lead me to create sacred geometry software and ultimately lead me to start working on Geometrify. Why I want to share this, is because I want to be honest about the roots of motivation to create sacred geometry software, and also to explain better the things that continue motivating me to work on this subject.

Motivation behind Geometrify

To be honest, I’ve been very afraid to talk about these things honestly, because there’s a lot of strange things that have happened to me, on my path, that have lead me to experience the power of sacred geometry and that it can have on our thinking and consciousness. And to be honest, it has been really difficult in the past to see that, the path, to be really clear about that which I want to create, and expressing it out makes it easier to see and share with others too.

This post is an updated transcription of a video I posted earlier, if you would rather listen to it, here’s the link to that:

Receiving Geometry Downloads

This is kinda like an introduction to what lead me to discover sacred geometry. Originally this happened in maybe the year 2008, when I had trouble sleeping. I was then working as a system administrator, doing some linux machine network operations for this big mobile company, actually Digital Choclate here in Finland, some of you might know that company. Anyway, during that period of time I had really trouble sleeping, and was really near to a burnout, and yeah this is still a bit difficult to say out loud, but I started to see these visions, visions of geometry, when I was falling asleep.

Similar what I saw hovering over me

Similar what I saw hovering over me

In the state where you are awake, and not asleep, in this state between being awake and sleeping, I would start to see these geometric shapes, hovering over me, like clouds of geometry that would somehow become alive in my vision. At first, I was like, what is happening ? I had no idea what is happening here, but then these downloads, this information, continued to come, from somewhere, and many times I would see these clouds of geometry, they were moving, rotating, morphing into different things, different shapes and different information actually.

This information somehow downloaded something into my consciousness, into my brain, into my body. It was not something I could be rational about, but it was something that was coming into me. These information downloads, these geometric downloads, continued for about three months.

Initiation Into Information

During that period of time, I went through this kind of personal transformation, facing my inner demons. And facing the outer demons also.

Yeah, there are inner demons, external demons, in the end they are all the same, but it’s good to define interfaces, like I am separate person than you, but in the end we are the same, we come from the same particles in the cosmos, we come from the same source. But in the end, we are still separate, for a reason, there’s a reason.

So, anyway, I started experiencing these demons tormenting me while trying to get sleep. Visions of death and cruelty, and all kinds of violent visions. First I tried to fight these visions, with my astral sword, with my sort of out of body fighting skills, “astral kung fu” so to speak, different weapons and so on. But as I fought these demons, these beings, they just multiplied, they just got power out of that. Somehow I was playing their game, and not my own game.

Then I realized during this period that the only way to really handle this is love, love and light. So I started projecting love and light to these beings who were tormenting me, and okay, suddenly, within a week or two, I was left alone. I went through an initiation so to speak. This was in maybe 2008.

What it felt like when I discovered I could project light and love at these demons tormenting me

What it felt like when I discovered I could project light and love at these demons tormenting me

I felt that this initiation was some kind of test for me to see if I could handle this information that was downloaded, or some kind of awakening process to see more of the structure of our Universe, and to handle the information that might come with this knowledge. But I had no idea what was happening back then. I tried asking around online, in Finnish forums,  ‘has anybody experienced something like this?’ I couldn’t find any information, I didn’t even know what sacred geometry was back then. I was an engineer, I was a system administrator, I was very rational still.

Meaning behind numbers

Few years passed, and in 2011 I think, I got really interested in numbers. I’m a deep learner, deep experiencer, I want to see deep. I want to understand what is behind our reality, what is behind the veil of reality, what is behind this concept that we call ‘reality’ ? I’ve always wanted to understand how things, computers, clocks and so on work. But this time I wanted to know, how do numbers work?

Because I used numbers everyday, at my work, as an engineer, as a programmer, but I still had no idea for example why is the number three, why is it like a ‘3’ ? Why is the five, why does it represent five things ?  I started visualizing these shapes, I’m a visual thinker. So I started drawing, with a pen and paper, just drawing polygonal formations, trying to see, find a connection between 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 .. is there a connection between the shape of the one and two, when you combine 1 + 1, it becomes a two, is there a connection between how these two ones become two ?

Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 as geometry

Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 as geometry

And I started to draw that with simple polygonal shapes, like three points is a triangle, four points is a square, five points is a pentagon, six points is a hexagon and so on.

But I realized, ok, drawing these by hand, or using some software, like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, it was just too much work. I required this kind of recursion, I wanted to recurse the same setting over and over, to see the difference what would happen if I changed the parameter from one to three, and if I would use existing software, I would have had redo the whole scene.

Number 5 recursion

Recursion of the number five

Then I decided, ok I’m going to start programming this. I’m just do a simple program, for creating simple geometric shapes. And quickly, I started using the processing.js library, which with you can very easily do some graphics programming, and quickly I had this program for creating simple polygonal formations.

Very early GeoKone version, still called Mandala Generator

Early version of my software, still called Mandala Generator

From this base the software developed, and I noticed it was very fun to play around with. There was something very interesting it did to my thinking when I created these shapes interactively, in my browser. And started noticing ok, this is fun, this gives me like feedback in my brain, this gives me like a feeling of creating something from emptiness, and discovering something new out of nothingness.

Mystical Experience

If I would create a triangle, with a fractal recursion, that triangle would copy itself around itself, and from those new triangles, their interference, my brain would would see new patterns, find new patterns, and this would reward my thinking somehow, I got like a feeling of feeling good when I would discover new shapes out of interference of old patterns. This re-occuring feeling really pushed me forwards to continue developing this software.

It was in summer 2011 I think, I was then still working as a sysadmin, living for a month in Barcelona, Spain, and one night there I was just working on this one geometric piece the whole night. I think I worked on the piece for around maybe 6 hours, I started somewhere around 22 and finished in four o clock in the morning, just doing, I had nothing else to do, nowhere to go, just working on the piece continously. This shape was based around the number six, or actually 666, which is a very, sacred holy number, don’t believe the people talking about 666, it’s sacred.

666 - Synchronicity

666 – Synchronicity

Anyway, after I stopped working on this piece, my whole being was focused on one singular point in my consciousness, my field of vision was this tunnel vision, I would see the lights around me like shimmering, and I was like, “What the f*ck is happening!?” I was completely sober, no funny thing there. This whole process put me in a very meditative state.

After that, when I went to sleep, heh, I saw this most lucid dream I’ve ever saw in my life. It started from seeing like molecules bonding into each other, very little molecules, I could see in my dream my whole vision was filled with these molecules, I was these molecules. And they would start building, building, combining to more different complex shapes, starting from something very simple, repeating a simple pattern, copying it over, over, over and over in a fractal way, so that, they made this sound like, coming together, I could feel the pressure of the molecules, and they were combined forming into different shapes.

Molecular Structure

Molecular Structure

I can remember from the simple basic structures, they would evolve into like claws of some bird, and then the whole bird, and this would bird would evolve, the bird would combine with many many birds, and the bird would evolve into this, actually a combat helicopter, like this very big combat helicopter, and these hundreds and hundreds helicopters with these dragon wings would combine and they would form this big dragon, with huge claws, and these dragons would come together, and form in the end this whole thing formed like a whole huge giant brain, walking over a city, and scanning it in this futuristic scene, a brain on legs, anyway. Somehow this dream was really, really alien, really ET, really out of this world.

Everything is Fractal

After that dream I somehow understood: Everything in this world is fractal. Everything is simple. It’s not complex. People, scientists, science and school, they project this thinking model that you have to think that things are complex, you have to learn many many things to understand, no, they are very simple rules in the structure of our Universe, very simple basic rules that when you repeat those rules over and over, for more complex ideas, more complex lifeforms, more complex universes, and actually, they are simple, when you look at the big picture. The same underlying pattern is revealed both in the micro (small) and macro (big), the same pattern repeats itself.

Everything is Fractal, and according to the Golden Ratio

Everything is Fractal, and according to the Golden Ratio (http://shootababylone.deviantart.com/art/golden-ratio-Fractal-524799693)

This realization and dream really pushed me towards of wanting to other people to feel this what I felt, I wanna share this feeling, I wanna people to also see the power of creating this kind of geometry can have on us.

Launch of GeoKone, the predecessor to Geometrify

And I worked very hard, I set a date 11/11/11, a binary code, a good date for the seeding of this idea, of this form, of this geometry software, which I then named  ‘GeoKone.NET’.

I worked very hard to put it online, 11/11/11, and quickly after putting it online, sharing it for people free to use in their browser, people would start sending me feedback. ‘Hey man, I’m feeling something very meditative while I’m using your software, I went outside and I could see geometric patterns coming out of the river’ And somebody told me he learned to play the guitar better after using GeoKone for 3 months, really strange stuff. And many other experiences, which I hope to share later maybe.

Quest to Understand

I don’t understand how it works, even yet, but I’m on a quest to understand how this geometry works, what it does to our brain, what it does to our consciousness. What happens when we connect to this primal energy, that I feel represents the building blocks of our Universe, and our selves also.

Golden Ratio In Nature

Golden Ratio In Nature

We come from the Universe, we are not separate. We come from the nature around us, it’s fractal, we are the nature, the nature is us, expressing itself through our human bodies, and we inhabit these bodies with some higher aspect. By connecting to sacred geometry, we allow ourselves to inspect, to look from different angles at this structure of our universe.

The Famous Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci, showing the golden ratio proportions in us

The Famous Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci, showing the golden ratio proportions in us

The feedback I got, it gave me power to continue the work, and I could see it really, it really worked. So, that’s five years from now, it’s soon actually exactly five years and it has been a crazy path, I’m going to tell more about in the upcoming updates, but now I just want to say this:

My mission, my mission is here to bring people direct experience of the structure of our Universe, to let them see inside themselves and the Universe they inhabit. To let them experience what is, what is the language of Creation, what is the language of manifestation, what is the language of our third dimensional reality, actually.

So, on that path I will continue, and we will continue to bring you the best software to explore this language of our universe. That’s the motivation to let people experience what I have experienced. Get direct experience! I can talk about this all day long and you won’t see it until you feel it yourself, so that’s what I want to achieve. That’s my primary motivation, is to bring direct experience of this realization, not just information.

Plans for the year 2017

Thank you for reading this far. If you feel the call, or resonate with this information, feel free to leave a comment.

This year 2017 is hopefully bringing this into more manifestation. I feel it’s going to be a powerful year, and we are finally hopefully releasing something new on that side, but not promising anything, we are in no hurry, everything happens in the right time, we are not creating something just for quick satisfaction or something that will be forgotten in 2 years, we are laying the base for future of this technology, and we will take the time to do it correctly and with the correct intentions.

We are also looking for a UI -programmer to help us on this mission, experience with Lua or OpenGL is a plus! Contact us here: https://www.atrainno.com/contact

This is Sakari aka inDigiNeous signing off now, bom!