Geometrify Development Update, July 8th 2016

Geometrify Development Update

In the last weeks I’ve been focusing on starting to implement the User Interface to manipulate geometry in 3D space, and getting a Linux PC build ready.

Starting to work on interactivity

During the last couple of months I’ve been focusing on optimizing our drawing methods to be fast enough so that we can draw interactive sacred geometry realtime. Now that this is working, I can finally start focusing on interactivity.

This starts with implementing a simple keyboard & mouse interface to test and implement all the required features for interaction. In this video I am modifying geometry live within Geometrify:


This video was shot with my cellphone, as I’ve been having trouble compressing video captured from the screen, resulting in nasty compression artifacts on almost any setting, but when recording with a phone directly from the screen, it works well enough.

Preparing for a Linux build

I’m also working on getting a Linux PC build ready.

Why Linux ? Because Linux as a development environment is much better than Windows, and resembles my main working environment Mac Os X much more closely, so it’s easier to transition first to Linux. One goal of this is to send out test binaries to early testers to try out.

I managed to get the engine already running on my work PC, running Ubuntu, equipped with a Nvidia GTX 970.
It feels good finally to run this on a proper desktop GPU 🙂 The performance difference compared to my more powerful MacBook 2014 with it’s GT750M is huge. Here’s a video capture from running on this setup:

So, now work is focused on getting the user interface working, and keeping in mind the touch controls of Oculus and HTC Vive also. We’ve got something really nice coming this way, something I’ve been wanting to implement for a long time already, an intuitive touch based UI.. but more on that later 🙂

— Sakari @ Geometrify