PsiTriangleEngine status update :: Showcasing the internals

PsiTriangle Engine

In this video, our CTO Sakari is showcasing a bit about the main program logic structure of the engine that is powering Geometrify, the PsiTriangle Engine.

This video is a bit more technical in nature, and we are going to do more updates like in the future, giving some insight into the code running Geometrify and reasons why we are implementing it ourselves.

See the video here:

The PsiTriangleEngine is being developed with C++14, Lua -scripting and modern Open GL. It is a crossplatform engine that is designed to run on Mac Os X, Linux & Windows at first.

It has been now about 2 years work on this engine, and during that time we have went through numerous iterations, but finally the code and it’s structure, and the way we can use it, is reaching an usable state.

We have been focusing on getting the geometries rendering properly, now it’s more time to focus on implementing the User Interface. Our idea is to keep all the main program logic in Lua -scripts, to make it easily modifyiable and keep the iteration times down.

Iteration times are essential when developing any code, you don’t really want to wait a full C++ compile when testing changing couple of values for example. With Lua this is possible, we only load the logic scripts and drive our C++ engine from those.

Looking for an UI programmer

We are also looking for a UI programmer to help with us, to see help us materialize our dream of creating the ultimate program for creating Sacred Geometry with. If you are interested, please contact us at sakari.lehtonen AT geometrify DOT net ^_^

We have some really nice innovative UI ideas in store, stay tuned for more posts in the future about those, I’m in the process of writing a blog post about the UI design in store for Geometrify.