Sneak peek of our Sacred Geometry 3D Engine :: Download Demo for Mac OS X

Recently we (Sakari, CTO of Geometrify and Imre Peemot, our good friend, musician and throat singer) released a demo for the Skrolli -magazine party here in Finland, showcasing an early version of the Sacred Geometry Engine we are developing. Downloading this demo and running it on your computer you will get a chance to see some pretty amazing 3D sacred geometry combined with a throat singing soundtrack.

Skrollightenment :: Running the Geometrify 3D Sacred Geometry Engine

Skrollightenment :: Running the Geometrify 3D Sacred Geometry Engine

Skrolli is a computer culture magazine, published here in Finland and also with some international numbers released in English. In demo compos people usually vote for the best entry, and our demo called ‘Skrollightenment’ won the compo 🙂  The name is a play on the names Skrolli and Enlightenment.

This was a good opportunity to get our code into releasable form, and a good motivation to implement new features for the engine. Thank you Skrolli Magazine!

Geometrify development still continues, although most of my personal time currently goes into finishing OmniGeometry. After OmniGeometry desktop version is done, we will again focus on Geometrify more hopefully. Meanwhile, we have early plans to port this demo to A Virtual Reality version, as it works really nicely in 2D, would love to see this in VR, let’s see when we have to resources to do that.

Download the demo and more info:

Note: You might have to enable external application sources in ‘System Preferences/Security & Privacy’ to ‘Allow apps downloaded from’ to ‘Anywhere’ in order to run the demo!

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