What is happening with Geometrify ?

Current status: Working on the new engine to create a new prototype. This work is based on, application for creating sacred geometry.

Geometrify: Creator

Geometrify Creator will be the first application utilizing our custom 3D sacred geometry engine. With Geometrify Creator, you will be able to create sacred geometry in a three dimensional space. The goal of this application is to provide a intuitive application for creating sacred geometry experiences, with the option to synchronize to music and audio.

Geometrify Creator is targeted towards artists, visionaries, musicians, biohackers, healers, self-developers and people who are interested in sacred geometry and it’s applications.

The feeling of creating Sacred Geometry can be awesome, uplifting, entrancing and even enlightening. Geometrify Creator is a tool to explore this realm, and our goal is to provide a direct experience of what we believe to be the creation language of our Universe.

Long Term Plans

Our long term goal for Geometrify Creator is to provide a tool for visionaries all over the world to use. To enable creation of holistical healing and awakening enabling experiences by combining music and real time interactive visuals that are synchronized to the music in a meaningful way, utilizing the healing patterns of sacred geometry.

Engine Development Status

  • Engine development started in January 2014
  • First demo for Oculus Rift DK1 in June 2014
  • Developing real engine since then
  • Year 2015 went in building the base
  • Year 2016 brought full GPU accelerated calculations and Lua interface
  • Year 2017 basic physics and tweaks all around, focusing more on
  • Year 2019-2020: Started work on new engine, now built on top of the Godot Engine. Engine based on work done on OmniGeometry.