We launched OmniGeometry :: 2D Sacred Geometry Application

Launched OmniGeometry.com

Update! In March 2017 we launched OmniGeometry.com, which is the new name for GeoKone.NET, the spiritual predecessor for Geometrify. OmniGeometry is an application for creating sacred geometry art in 2D. We are currently focusing on creating a native, desktop version of OmniGeometry, creating the ultimate sacred geometry tool for professional artists and geometry enthusiasists.



Work on Geometrify will continue when we have spare time, or when OmniGeometry Native Desktop version is finished. We have shifted our focus on this application, as we already have paying customers and are planning to really make the most of this application before going deeper with 3D Sacred Geometry as would be the case with Geometrify.

Virtual Reality not yet here

This choice to focus on OmniGeometry was decided last year, but now we are seeing almost a full year after that choice was made that Virtual Reality headsets and hardware is not yet really here on a consumer level, which bides well for us. Experts are predicting that it can take even 2 to 5 years until we have consumer level adoption of Virtual Reality hardware, and I feel the same.

VR hardware is just too clumsy still to be used daily, the price tag is considerable and you need really powerful PC hardware to be able to run VR content smoothly. My personal prediction is that it will be closer to 3-5 years until we have really usable VR hardware, and even then it might be more AR than VR.

So this goes well with our plan to focus on OmniGeometry for now, and continue work on Geometrify as we refine our Sacred Geometry engine at the same time. Parts of the Geometrify engine will be used with OmniGeometry, and we will be testing different use cases and new drawing features with OmniGeometry too.

New VR demo

We still have plans to release a new VR demo, based on the Skrolli Party demo we made earlier. Our tentative plan is to release a VR version of this demo, as it proved to be really nice and we got good feedback from people who saw it. A concrete time goal for this would be Boom Festival 2018, as their theme for year 2018 is going to be Sacred Geometry 🙂 But I hope we will get it running earlier than that!

But you never know, software development is hard and tricky, you know! Target platform would probably be HTC Vive on PC.

But more info on that later. This was Sakari, CTO of Geometrify, signing off!